Installing the Statue of Mahak in the Deep Waters of the Persian Gulf

According to public relations of Mahak, this company celebrated 10 years of activities in the area of financial and management software in the past year. All of the managers of the company wanted to find an idea to make this a memorable day forever. Each provided ideas until the subject of the Persian Gulf was introduced by one of the managers. The Persian Gulf day is 10th of Ordibehesht on the Persian calendar (April 30th), and nothing would be more enjoyable than celebrating 10 years of activities of Mahak on this glorious day. Therefore, Mahak Accounting Software Statue was installed in the deep waters of the Persian Gulf on the occasion of the national day of the Persian Gulf, so that celebration of a decade of innovation along with the commemoration of the Persian Gulf can be turned into an pleasant memory for the large family of Mahak. We hope for better days both for our country and for the Persian Gulf.

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